Tuesday, July 15, 2014


on the wee plane to Inishmor!
limestone rock goes on and on..
 We were on Inishmor, an Aran Island almost a week ago and what do I remember? The very short flight was really fun and so immediate. The landscape has a surreal rocky tumbled appearance with very orderly rock walls climbing all about the small island.

Cows, in Ireland, have some of the best views! I crawled to the edge of the unbelievable drop off to take a selfie but look at that cow strolling along the edge.

It was pouring off and on while we were on the island and the rocky trail up to the main tourist attraction, a 2000 year old ring fort perched on the edge of the atlantic ocean, was pretty tough.  We were there on a day trip and on the ground for about 5 hours. I would happily stay overnight at this island and wander about even more. 
Selfie with cow.

meanwhile, baby snail on a snap pea in the garden.

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