Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The cure for Jet lag

Keswick is happy we are back.
1. Run 3 super easy miles soon after you wake up very early at 4:30 am. 
2. Sit on couch with cat many times during the day. I was spacey feeling but never sleepy during the day.
3. Run a 10k race on trails in evening. 

I think i have found the magic cure! I still feel totally spacy today and was happy i could take one day off from work after getting back late last night to deal with grocery shopping and laundry and the garden. The 10k race was at a park I've maybe run through once or twice. It's a warm day here and I'd hoped that the park's location right next to puget sound and it's deeply forested creek would help keep it a bit cooler and I think it was. 

I just wanted a good tempo effort and to enjoy myself and i did! I ended up 4th woman overall and did chase the 3rd place for the last half mile but i couldn't catch her.  Oh well. I tried. I felt really underfueled and this trail had a lot of stairs in it but I ran well. I took my garmin off of automatic lap splits and just did a manual lap once i'd completed the 5k loop once. I ran by myself for almost the entire race as these are very small races. I was very steady though! The first loop was 28:49 and the second loop was 28:48.

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