Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the aftermath..

Yesterday was rough.  Mentally and physically, I was down and no wonder.  26.2 miles is rather far even for me to drive! 

I do know how important the immediate days after a big event are for recovery.  I could barely eat immediately after the marathon.  Those that know me understand how unusual this is!  The chicken bouillon was excellent at the marathon and the hot chocolate milk I had in my ice bath afterward was perfect.  I had a chance to comiserate with friends later that night at a local brew pub for the traditional post event moo and brew (hamburger and beer). 

But still.  There is just an incredible deficit the next day.  Possibly it would be better to take the day off from work but I really like that work forces a fair bit of walking around and interaction with people. 

That really put everything into perspective.  Most inquired after holiday events.  Very few knew that I was running  a marathon.  And those that did aren't runners themselves so don't quite understand the whole mental and physical investment which goes into a marathon.  The typical reaction when they find out?  "You finished?  That's amazing!  congratulations!"  "how far is that?  Really?  I can't imagine!" And for a gal who has run a marathon who when I moaned a bit at how long it took me to finish?  "That's my PR!" 

I was sore yesterday but still could go up and down stairs with no problems.  I was moving a bit slower than usual and felt a bit achy in odd places.  I think I had at least 8 separate meals yesterday (plus dessert) and still went to bed slightly hungry. 

Today?  Much, much better.  Legs feel, well, not 100% but not nearly as sore.  My brain isn't foggy.  I do have a spot on a foot which got sorer and sorer yesterday while I was having to run all about at work.  That is requiring some TLC and it will appreciate some time off my feet in a few days. 

the race itself?  I'm still rather shocked how it all played out. it's something to ponder and think about but not obsess about.  yes, I'm glad I finished.  I'm happy to take a bit of time off from running now.  The rain and wind we are having now is only making sitting on the couch that much better! 

And to those who gave much needed words of encouragement yesterday?  thank you. 

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