Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Widget

Biking has actually been fun in my 6 weeks of running down time. It really helps that we have a roller trainer that is on a sled which better mimics outside riding.  No kidding. There is a huge difference.  I do use my old, old Garmin 305 with a cadence sensor to monitor time spent on the trainer. The cadence sensor is really valuable but i also like the illusion of speed.  Meaning, I like to see that if I'm riding harder, my speed goes up on my watch just like when you ride outside. 

I noticed that the little magnetic widget which goes on the wheel had slipped out of place last week.  The readings on the watch were wonky.  I moved the widget back.  Still no luck so i replaced the battery.  It seemed to work.  Then the ride yesterday morning I had very strange readings again and realized i had 2 of these widgets on teh back wheel.  Oops. I tried taking one off. That didn't work.  Added it back in adn still strange readings.  Ok, i will try re-synching the garmin with the cadence sensor to get it to read correctly.  It really does show the cadence correctly but it is discouraging to have the readings be 2.5 miles per hour when I am working hard on a tempo ride! 

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