Sunday, February 23, 2014


1 - Maple Leaf Reservoir Park
Picture 2 - Ship Canal Bridge
Picture 1: 2.5 Mile run and i was ever so happy to be running a typical loop. If I were running normally, i'd be sick of this loop but now I'm thrilled to get out there even if it was raining and cold. 
Picture 2: Mom taking a photo with my iphone. Which button do I push? The camera icon on the screen. 
Picture 3 - Space Needle view
Picture 3: Great table at Ivar's Salmon House for Mom's 81st B-day.  It's about the only restaurant where i don't want to eat anything as, of course, the vegetarian dish has mushrooms and i'm not paying for chicken nor is there a hamburger but the halibut fish and chips were tasty and mom was happy.  

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