Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bike Lane

Roosevelt looking north from NE 80th St.

I got out on my bike this morning before
the rain/chunky rain started. It was 35 degrees so i bundled. There was no wind and I was riding just an easy, short ride so this was fine. It was my first time really climbing a hill with my knee and that was no problem. I was keeping it easy though. But it was also my first time trying out the new dedicated bike lane on Roosevelt going north from 75th. VERY
nice!  Normally i'd ride up another street which has no bike lane but is wider. I typically think traffic is less on that road but it does go faster. Easy cruising up Roosevelt although as tends to be typical for shifting road striping, there is a death valley just in the middle of the lane.  Death Valley is the gap between panels of pavement and can grab your wheel if you are not careful.  It is also too bad that the bike lane section south of this area is currently blocked by a long term construction project (ie Light Rail station in Roosevelt district) and the transition from 11th Ave to 75th to Roosevelt isn't easy. (Day 189)

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