Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seattle Party!

Seattle Public Library crowd reflections.
On Madison looking across 4th.
The Seahawks Parade was downtown today just a block from my work. I finally got a call from the MRI place that the MRI had been approved and there was an appointment open. Sure! I can navigate through the estimated 3/4 of a million people to walk the half mile to the appointment. I stopped by the library to pick up a book and marvel at the crowds well before the parade was supposed to begin. 

The appointment was quick and easy and interesting. I've never had an MRI before. I will call tomorrow to schedule the follow up appointment with the doc. My unlearned diagnosis which the MRI tech confirmed: i bashed my kneecap good!  

The parade!
Walking back to work, I got stuck by that crowd. The parade was quite delayed and hadn't come through yet. It was just too much to wade through so I was stuck for over an hour and happily stopped to enjoy the scene.  And it was just too cold to stand out side so i went into the library and had a great view and was comfortably warm.  

AS much as the people in the library wanted to cheer and holler for the team, the idea of being in the library was too much. We were all to well trained to be quiet within the library so it was a quiet but very cheerful group.  The librarians were quite supportive too.  

what an experience!  

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