Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What are the odds?

It's not too often now that I DNS a race. But this illness hit at a time when I happened to be signed up for two races! I started to feel much better but knew I could not run a half marathon. The lungs would not allow that. So I planned to cheer for K who was also signed up for the half marathon and then meet him on course to run him in the last few miles. 

Well, the odds were pretty good that he'd get my crud and race day, he woke up not feeling great. So we both dropped down to the 8k distance at the Cinqo de Mayo Half and 8k in Snoqualmie. Quite a few other friends were running various distances and we'd heard good things about this race. We've done other events by this race director and they are really nice. We hope eventually that the race director will realize a portopotty or two at teh start besides just relying on the (admittedly nice) school restrooms would be a good thing! 

So 5 glorious miles later, we were both happy.  I ended up placing 3rd in my AG even at the nice easy pace which felt rather hard for being sick! It's a nice event and I hope to do it again when I am feeling at my best!

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