Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ogre Ready

It's two months away and as we'll be requesting team start times this week, Ragnar has been on my mind. And two more Ogre hats are ready to go to happy Ogres. 

Meanwhile I've had a cortisone shot in my heel for plantar fasciitis. I debated this. The foot has been feeling better but the course of ibuprofen recommended by teh podiatrist was telling. He 
recommended two weeks at a higher dosage and I made it 9 days only because i just hate taking it and not because it bothers me. But those 9 days, it was really, really nice not thinking about my foot much at all. It felt normal.  Two days after coming off the ibuprofen and i was right back to the normal annoyance especially at work. 

The hope is that this shot will be the last bit needed to bring the issue under control. I'll continue to do what has been working: daily massage of foot, foam rolling of my calves and the PT for getting that hip to function properly. it is a given that I will be wearing proper foot wear with my chosen OTC arch (with a podiatrist modification to make it a higher arch). I chose not to go any custom orthotic because all of them have a hard arch and often a too much pronation control.  

Of course the cortisone shot required some time off of running. Again. After at least a week of limited running because I was sick. This coupled with the slower than expected race last week means I a rethinking goals for ragnar and how to train for it. It's going to be a blast regardless of how fast or slow I am running though so that's just fine.

It's been a nice long holiday weekend with no running. that is always a bummer but it was great to get a lot of time in the garden and a lot of time knitting!

Arugula flower in the garden.

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Enniferjay said...

That arugula flower looks like a winged insect ready to fly. I like reading about your running escapades.