Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Balk, The Redemption & The Race

It's been quite a week.

The Balk. It's not often that I have a workout which I completely bail on in the middle of the run. That happened this tuesday. I was attempting speedwork at an aggressive pace. And? I did one repeat and made it through half of the next repeat and realized I was done. I jogged it in. I was still coughing a bit and just didn't feel ready for the workout mentally and physically.  I really do not get too bothered by this sort of thing. Move on and realize that another day brings another day.

The Redemption. The last run commute I did was way back earlier in the year when I realized that the foot would just not stand for any goals this spring. I had a short race scheduled for the weekend but still really wanted a long run in for the week. So I figured a nice course to run in and ended up with 14.4 miles. I was only 10 minutes late for work. A long run typically can take 2-3 hours and anything over 2.5 hours gets very hard to fit into a full work day. I was delighted to get this in.

The Race. Beat the Bridge! This 8k is always a fun race. I like the course and it has a nice energy as so many teams are involved for a great cause. The start is always a mess and this year was worse than usual. I really hope they can control the start better because even though I was towards the front, I passed so many people who were really should not have been at the front of the race. Dangerous! The race itself was tough. I had hoped to use this race to gauge where i am and the results were disappointing but not surprising. It's time to re-think pace goals and training plans. The good news is that the foot is definitely doing better and it was a fun time with friends!
Post-race: Beat the Bridge

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