Saturday, February 21, 2015

Taking a chance

I was taking a chance starting marathon training with my foot rather iffy. However it did seem to be doing fine with better attention to proper footwear massage, icing and keeping the calf looser. Slower easy runs (even long runs) were fine but adding any faster running I figured would be challenging. And last week, it said enough.

I bailed on the plan long run during the marathon paced section of running. I could feel the foot getting sorer and sorer. Done. And then went to work and hobbled about the rest of the day. Fortunately ibuprofen did the trick and helped quite a bit. The next day it was fine to wander all about downtown.

Fortunately I did have a really nice distraction last weekend in the form of a long time friend staying with us and visiting Seattle. Here she is with my mom before we went out to breakfast. What a wonderful visit and the weather cooperated by staying strangely warm and even sunny. 

The good? I hadn't actually signed up for any spring events so none of that annoying DNS (did not start).  I've been maintaining biking ever since i finished that marathon last November so it's not a big deal to be hopping onto the bike. I took one week off of running and tried a 3 mile run. The heel felt fine during the run but was really bugging me at work. So another week and I'm recommitting to cross training. Today while K was off running 12 instead of being consumed by jealousy (only a little bit), i rowed for 30 minutes and cleared out one area of our extra room so I can leave the roller trainer in place and set up a better area to have my laptop to watch movies. the main goal now is to heal up this heel!

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Enniferjay said...

That was a great trip! You never complained about your foot. And ah, the Berry Bar!