Sunday, February 1, 2015

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar taping.
Ah two words dreaded by the runner or anyone else who's had a bout with this difficult to live with and difficult to heal issue.

In my case, it was a relief to hear these words however. Why? it meant I didn't have anything else going on! woohoo!

I've been having ongoing ankle tendonitis and heel pain. I'd been doing some of the usual things that have worked for me when i've had a bout of PF/tendonitis in the past (on the other foot!) but this was still lingering. And I didn't quite have the same symptoms as last time. No, my foot/heel was not really sore when i first got out of bed. Running, in general, didn't particularly bother me as long as I wasn't running trails where the constant turns stressed the ankle.  I knew something was up though as suddenly my usual running shoe just did not feel right. My foot would get sore at work towards the end of the day and I have been getting some swelling along the ankle tendontiis.

Off to the podiatrist to figure out what is going on.  I know my calves are tight and I'd switched out an orthotic insert from my day to day shoes. After adding that back in, my foot did feel better but what about that swelling?

At least, the assistant was quick to remark as she was taking my history, that everything seems to have been going well. i'd last been to the podiatrist's office in 2009!

The doc (a runner himself) was quick to run me through some checks and quickly confirmed plantar fasciits (even without the typical symptoms) and nothing more than tendontis both caused by tight calves.  Of course I have tight calves because the way my foot/ankle joint is built inherently limits the ability to stretch. I've used a foam roller and a stick for years because of this. Time to up the game and massage the tight calves plus add in daily eccentric calf excercies. He showed me a way to tape my arch and basically laughed at me and my super high arches. Yeah, I know. I need something in my shoes to support my arches which will take the pressure off and let things settle down.

26th Ave E Stairs
Ah, such relief though. I know what I'm dealing with and as a runner he was in no way advocating stopping running which I'd been worried about. So cautious marathon training resumes. I'll switch some easy short run days to cycling and be agressive about countermeasures.

Such relief! Meanwhile it's been great to run knowing that the issue is just plantar fascitis. Since I still need to limit trails (boo!), the occasional stair is a great way to add in some strength.We ran on a usual run course and I was really surprised to see these stairs. I've never noticed them before and this is along one of my popular biking routes too. 

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