Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Run Commute perk!

And quickly, mid-week runs reach longer distances.

To run 11 miles at a proper easy pace takes time. I've often been able to break up these mid-week runs to doubles when I run in the morning and the evening. This time I'd rather not subject the foot to a double.

So? I've run commuted home many times before but I really prefer running in the morning. It took some planning to bring all my work clothing and food to work the day before. And I planned the route out and was able to join a friend for a few miles in the middle.

This was really nice. I feel like it's cheating at bit as most of the route is downhill except for the last couple miles downtown which heads gradually uphill. And I did have to start dodging pedestrians as is typical in a busy pedestrian area. It was still great to get the miles in and be done for the day. 

I did plan my route to end right where I could get a big plate of huevos rancheros. YUM!

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