Sunday, January 25, 2015


Seal Beach
The other purpose to returning to Disneyland and Orange County was visiting where I grew up. Our condo was on the edge of Cypress and just over 5 miles from Disneyland and I went quite often to the park. I've not been back to the area since we left Pasadena to move to Seattle in 1997.
Oil Pump in a parking lot in Long Beach/Signal Hill

My mom was traveling with us and she had not been in the area since even before we left. She's almost 82 and needs some help getting around so it worked out. We were done with our races early and then still had time to go do other stuff.

Mmm.. pasty kitchen!
The weather, of course, was perfect. We went to Seal Beach which was our preferred beach amongst all my teenage friends, drove by my old house, my old high school and even ventured into Long Beach to drive by my gramma's (My mom's mom) old house. It was odd being back for sure but it seemed just the same and completely familiar. 

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