Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Knee Anniversary

And how did I celebrate? Arrgh! I tripped and fell on a run this past week. And the damage could be worse but is certainly not as bad as last year's knee breaking fall. I did take an ibuprohen as soon as I got home and I do think that helped keep swelling down overall. I iced as soon as I got to work too.  

I'd hoped to run well at the 2 mile series. And I did run well but was not as fast as I was hoping. It has been a long time since i've done speedy stuff though and that showed. As always it was fun showing up for this fun, low-key yet competitive race. The weather cooperated and there were two bald eagles on the course!
For extra fun this weekend was the opening night of Tosca at the Seattle Opera. It was fantastic and probably one of the best show's I've seen. When everything comes together for an opera, it is magical.  Hunh, that sounds just like a good race! 

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