Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bringing in the New Year!

I'm still working on running goals for 2015. It was fun to ring in the new year with some excellent running with friends on a beautiful sunny but cold day.

The Star Wars Rebel Challenge is in just over two weeks and I'm resuming a more typical running schedule as the ankle continues to get better. It was time for a good hard workout. However I really couldn't find a race I wanted to do so I joined fellow athletes for a nice jaunt around the lake and then breakfast.

I wanted a good tempo run though so I ran a couple mile warm up and just set off at a hard pace on the inside path of Green Lake. I really wasn't sure what pace i'd end up at and my main goal was to try and maintain even splits or speed up.  After feeling pretty awful on the warm up miles (28 degrees is cold!) I was really surprised when i hit the first mile at 7:25.  I was feeling pretty good and maintained that pace through teh second mile in 7:22. Outstanding! I was running by myself dodging through the increasing pedestrian traffic.

I passed a guy and suddenly realized he'd caught back up to me. I was so annoyed. Guys can sometimes get bent out of shape when they get "chicked" (when they get passed by a female runner) and that's what this guy seemed like. He asked if I was on my 3rd loop and i shortly replied, "last mile, tempo run" and sped up. That's pretty good talking for tempo pace! Fortunately he dropped back off and worked on maintaining. 7:26 for last .8 mile. Woohoo!

Some crazy members of the running group went and jumped in the lake. Having done the polar dip in a previous year and having vowed never to do it again, I was perfectly content to watch and cheer.  After a short champagne toast, K and I joined some of the group for breakfast. Yes, that's the best way to start the year with fun, friends, family and some good running. I can't wait for what fun the year will hold.

Oh and that guy? It was one of the guys from the running group, I just hadn't recognized him. Oops! Haha!

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