Monday, December 29, 2014



Happily, the ankle is feeling better. K and I did a longer run this weekend around Lake Union and got stopped by the Fremont Bridge. The new paint job looks good! 

I've been keeping to a run every other day schedule and biking on the off running days. It seems to be working! 

It's been a rather strange but successful year for running. 

1675 miles for the year. This is less than the last couple years but I was off of running almost 6 weeks because the of the kneecap issue early in the year. 

4 half marathons with a solid 1:50:XX race in June. 
3 or so short trail races during the summer 
Another successful Ragnar Relay
2 marathons and one of those just a couple minutes off of PR pace. 

That marathon race still makes me pretty damn happy almost two months later. yes, that was a good race!  

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