Monday, August 18, 2014

The Bright Idea

Do not do this at home.
My trail shoes currently are Solomon Sense Pro. I stopped running trails for a while because the steep uphills were bugging my knee. I was ready to start adding them in now as an easy run here and there. I've done a couple shorter trail races but those trails are such that I've just been using my lighter road shoes. The trails are dry at this time of year and those particular trails are not really rocky so I haven't needed the protection of a real trail shoe.

BUT, I'm going trail running tomorrow for longer (2 hours) on a trail system which tends to be rockier and I need trail shoes. the Solomon Sense Pro are a nice combo of protection and lighter shoe with a good tread. However there is a quick lace system on the shoe. I've tried it a few times and finally decided last time that I need to replace those laces with more traditional athletic shoe laces. The quick lace system gives even distribution of the laces over the entire lacing section of the shoe but I actually need the laces to be tighter closer to the toe. My feet have been slipping inside the shoe and I cannot get it tight enough with the existing system. 

So I snipped off the quick lace system and tried to relace the shoes with an extra pair of shoelaces from another pair of running shoes. A couple hours later, I cannot get anything but the shoe laces that came with the shoe back into the shoe. ARRGH! So annoying!

Actually I had to google the solomon quick lace to see how even to relace the shoe with the originial laces. Yes, it does involve fire. 

Major design flaw.

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