Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lake Union 10k - the volunteer

Directions for Water Station #1 volunteer: "As runners come through please hand them water cups, do not just leave them on the table. Most of the fast people will probably not slow down for water, please do not be offended!"
Haha! The Lake Union 10k is one I've often run and it's a great race. This year? I'm signed up for a trail race in two days and I needed a long run this weekend. K and various other friends were running and I'd heard they were desperate for volunteers for the race. So, I rode my bike to water stop at Gas Works Park and enjoyed volunteering. 

Most of the volunteers were not runners. And yes the faster runners do not tend to take water (for a 10k) and if they did it was mostly to splash the water onto their face to cool down. it was hard to hand water to the faster runners as they were running uh fast. It was easier to give water to mid-packers as they were going slower. Some mid-packers looked pretty bad for only 2.5 miles into a 6 mile race. The walker and run/walkers were a friendly bunch towards the end. They appreciated my orange wig and orange Ogre attire. 

The tail end sweep (a cop on a motorcycle) came through and we were free to take the water stop down. That was quick as i'd had time to pick up all the water cups tossed close to the trash cans and I headed to the start/finish on my bike to say hello to everyone that I'd seen run.  


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