Monday, June 16, 2014

Leschi Stairs

Frink Waterfall Bridge
The next stair run has been tentatively scheduled for next month. With upcoming travel coming soon, I have to fit in an exploratory run. I'm upping miles this week so an "easy" run exploring some new areas is an entertaining way to do this.  I planned a 7 mile loop but of course once out exploring not every trail or stair was quite what I was expecting. I ended up being out running for almost two hours and cut the planned route short because of time and less than spectacular stairs. Yes, i've become a stair snob. 

it sure was fun though! The best set of stairs? I can't remember where they are! It was early in the run and just north of Madrona Woods and probably the Newport Stairs. They are impressively slippy/sloppy/slidey. These are steep hillsides next to Lake Washington and obviously the hillside isn't completely stable. The houses tucked into these steep areas were impressive too. They've mostly been there for decades so I'm sure they are safe, right?

I've run along Lake Washington Blvd for years and years. There are common bike routes which cut through these neighborhoods and i've seen the trail access and been curious. I still have to go back and scope out some of the trails especially through Frink Park and Madrona Woods. There just are not very good, clear trail maps of these areas. The most impressive area? The Leschi Natural Area has been lovingly restored with new trails installed and there is a fabulous overlook. I was not expecting that and just laughed out loud in delight. the Leschi Natural area does not even show up on maps. 

I tried to find a cut through trail in the Madrona Woods and mostly found an unsafe mess but I was amused to find yet another long abandoned car.  How DID that get there?

Of course I wanted to get home in time to do a barre3 class. Oof. My legs are tired!

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