Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Blisters upon blisters actually.  Something has changed with my go-to shoe. I am getting blisters around my big toe on my right foot. Dropping the orthotic has changed something there. It was painful enough that i was aware of having to fight to keep my running form the same during the run yesterday towards the end when it started bothering me and i was aware of it a lot of the day at work.  
I did take the time to drain the blister and trim the callus area (probably related) also on the big toe. I slathered body glide all over the area and tightened the forefoot area of the shoe (a new pair) on that side. And? I had no problems for an easy and short recovery run. It's making me a bit nervous for long runs now though. 

This is the same toe where i'm going to lose the toenail from teh half marathon a month ago. There is something subtly different on this foot that is causing this issue. I hope just careful attention to preventative measures will help. 

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