Saturday, June 14, 2014

Drizzly Trails

Grand Ridge Trail - an erratic!
An easy run on tired legs. I am bumping up mileage this week and the legs are tired. That is ok. Grand Ridge Trail in Issaquah is a favorite trail of mine but it looks like it is now a favorite trail of many other people. It had more people on it than I have ever seen. There were many mountain bikers, some other trail runners and a few hikers.  
There are new "Share the Trail" sign up and to me, the trail seemed harder (very well packed) and rockier with which more mountain bike use is to be expected. it did make me a little wistful of the first time I went exploring this trail years ago and it was very narrow, overgrown and a soft and almost fluffy feel under the feet.  

There is definite signs of trail upkeep though and that is a good thing. There were many mountain bikers but all were very polite. This is not a trail now to wear loud music. You've got to be able to hear.  

And the legs were tired. I have some plans for a longer trail race later in the year. I plan on utilizing walking on the uphills more. So I walked. Yes, part of the plan makes it good thing!   

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