Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rest and travel day

And now, I have a handful of rocks and photos and lots of memories from the past couple days.  We had a great vacation after a really nice trip to see family.  And that was a great way to do it too.  K's parents need some help now about the house and we are happy to help out. There is also a lot to see and do in New Mexico and it was great to take some time to get to areas of the state I'd not been to before.  

These are chunks of rocks from the volcanic activity in the area of northern New Mexico. Lava rocks lay all about when we'd go hiking or running or walking around the mesas.  The small black rock is a rounded piece of obsidian.  The cave dwellers of the ancient communities around the area used this natural volcanic glass to make sharp arrow points. 

I'm still marveling over the Valles Caldera.  We could see the volcano shell easily from our flight now that we knew where and what to look for.  

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