Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back to Reality / Los Alamos Trails

It is wonderful to be home. And back to a foggy, dark, flat run. It was pretty out on my normal loop as the trees here are in full amazing autumn colors. I ran at my normal time for a midweek run which meant it was dark. It was warmer than it has been for morning runs in Albuquerque and Los Alamos too.  And the humidity?  Yeah. I'd call it 100% compared to the 20-40% of morning runs in New Mexico (the humidity like here in Washington drops as the day progresses).  It's been uncommonly foggy here in Seattle since before we went on vacation.  My eyelashes got all dewy! 

White Rock Rim Trail at Sunset
I consider myself lucky to be a runner in Seattle, Washington and living where I do.  Within just a couple miles, i have easy access to THE most popular running area in the city and know dozens of variations to add in miles.  It's hilly and beautiful with often views of Mt. Rainier, Lake Washington, Green Lake and the Puget Sound.   If I drive just a little bit, I have access to countless other road courses plus amazing technical trails. 

Sunrise run on Perimeter Trail, Los Alamos
And?  I keep thinking of the amazing trails in Los Alamos.  These are dirt trails popular with dog walkers, mountain bikers and runners.  It's hilly and the altitude is certainly noticeable although by the end of the week, I was feeling more normal.

Those trails are well loved.  I mean that they are well used and worn in places.  Signage is minimal and I was prepared to get lost and was ok with that.  You can always pop out onto a road (usually after a steep climb or downhill) and find your way. The trails all interconnect and the area of Los Alamos isn't huge.  White Rock, a community about 10 miles to the south) also has amazing trails and we went for a sunset walk along the edge of the mesa.  Lovely.  I do wonder how many people have to be rescued off these trails each year. They are steep and rocky in places. 

Perimeter Trail at Sunrise - fire damage visible
We'd get up early to go run a few miles and then go visit the sights around Los Alamos and get in a  few more miles hiking or walking. We were limited by running because we did not want to miss our B&B breakfast at the North Road Inn. Yes, get the green chile, add in the potatoes and blue corn pancakes.  We'd grab picnic items then at the local grocery store and head out for other activities. I keep thinking of those trails and want to go back!  68

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