Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random goals

Last summer, I was very focused on running.  This summer, i wanted to get out on my bike more. Last year the longest ride i did was in May of a double loop of Mercer Island.  That was it!  While I'm still primarily running about 30 miles a week, I've been trying to get in one ride a week generally with K.  We've had a great summer (a REAL summer as my mom says) and it's been very nice for biking.

Last weekend, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and the excellent blueberry season and combine goals.  That's right. We were looking to get K to a distance PR on the bike (40 miles) and I wanted to pick blueberries.  So with Coach's help, she figured out a possible bike course for us in the Snoqualmie Valley.  I ended up modifying the course just to make sure we had an easy way to get back to the car and cut the ride short if needed. However it ended up being a great time biking with beautiful farms, quiet roads and perfect weather.  This course was flat too except for the ride up and down the road by Snoqaulmie Falls.  That's a known and popular hill though and pretty fun.

We both took a day off, slept in and were pretty leisurely getting out to the Snoqualmie Valley as we wanted to avoid rush hour morning traffic.  And we were off. I wanted to keep it pretty easy the first 10-15 miles and make sure to pay attention to getting in enough calories.  The temperature was fantastic and the roads were quiet.  The nice thing about riding the back roads of Snoqaulmie Valley is that drivers are pretty used to bike traffic and are very polite.  We make sure to mind our manners as well!

It went quick!  I managed food very well and finished 46 miles feeling great. K learned he needed to eat more and bonked a bit towards the end.  Hey a good lesson to learn when the weather is good and the course is flat!  We grabbed lunch at a local cafe and then went off to blueberry pick.

And i think we had a PR there too!  we picked almost 9 pounds in 40 minutes.  That does not count the pound i probably ate while picking.  Ooh yes, it's been a REAL summer and i have the blueberries to prove it.  

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