Wednesday, August 21, 2013


4 Barefoot for Barre3

No sledgehammering today. I need a break. This was the only time to get in a strength workout this week.  I'm fine walking around the house barefoot but I'm not a fan in this sort of setting.  Yoga classes included.  The hard floor can bother my feet.  I'm trying to be careful and more mindful of foot placement and not overextending my big toes.  I think yoga classes caused a round of sesamoiditis (an inflammation of the sesamoid bones - teeny little bones in the ball of your foot) for me a couple years ago.  Would it look silly if I wore my running shoes in a barre class?

Good class. It felt a lot easier. I think that might be because my legs weren't tired from a long ride and/or run the days before.  It was a happy glute workout and a very good stretch too.

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