Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Decision

There was a very good web only article about running and menstruation on recently. Sadly, I identified quite a few issues that I'd suspected were affected by my cycle.  I kept trying to pretend that those issues didn't affect me but as my cycle has started to change recently because of The Change, it's been harder and harder to ignore. 

The breathing issue and decreased lactate threshold certainly dominates running the last week of my cycle.  I can still get in shorter harder efforts but forget about longer runs.  Running "easy" is about all I'm good for.  Basically this article suggest training in the luteal phase of your cycle is chancy at best.  For me that's about 14 days out of 24 days as I have a short cycle.  I discussed this with my coach and she brought up the interesting idea that in reality out of 24 days, I have about 10 days of solid training.  those other two weeks are always hit or miss.  Over the past couple years this has become more of an issue. 

And when will Eugene Marathon fall on my cycle? Yes, the worst possibly time and I came to the decision that it was not worth driving to Eugene for a slog of a marathon.  I just can't take it physically or mentally.  So I will be a sensible DNS. It doesn't mean i'm happy about it as I'm missing seeing some friends who are traveling to Eugene from Texas and K and I are putting aside our plans to see the Oregon Coast. 

That Earth Day 10k I ran?  That race felt on the best days and I felt great on every level.  I know I am in great shape but I have to pick those longer races carefully.  I did have things checked out with my doctor and I'm debating some options.  As a woman who has always been pretty lucky with her cycle (very regular with minimal symptoms) I feel pretty strange blaming things on my cycle.  But that is where I am and I'm ok with it. 

Meanwhile, I'm debating options for other marathons or even just a half.  Stay tuned. 

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