Sunday, May 8, 2011


 Forget-me-Nots in the garden.

Finally Spring has come to the Northwest.  Oh it's still pretty wet and has been chilly but overall, temps are warmer and everything is blooming. 

Aaah Choo!  Yes, allergies are up but it's worth it. 

As usual, I feel like I'm being pulled in a bazillion directions.  There is much to do in the yard.  Our much neglected backyard is crying out for some work too.  Oy.  That's  a lot of yard.  I spent some hours removing the plants lost to hard winter frosts and weeding.  The front is looking better and I've seen what has survived and have some ideas about moving things about.  We got some plants at the annual Olympic View Elementary Plant sale as well. 

I've been knitting quite a bit.  Fun stuff and quite rewarding.  I like the brain stretch that it provides when figuring out something in a pattern or a technique.

We've had an initial meeting with an iron worker about getting some wrought iron for our front porch.  It's pretty exciting to see what the possibilities can be.  any time I bike or run or drive or ride a bus in Seattle, I am looking at wrought iron porch possibilities.  We've got some ideas now and just need to finalize them. 

There are still the small-ish projects going on in the house.  Stair and railing painting, picture railing in the bedroom and I fully understand the need for spring cleaning.  Where did all the dust and cat fur come from?  I'm looking at you Kes and York! 

Well we know what they think of that! 

It's bike to work month and I'm on a team at work.  it has been fun to get back on my bike.  Marathon training sure is good for bike conditioning.  It's not been much of a big deal commuting.  As usual, I turn into some sort of polka-dotted mountain climbing fool when on my bike and MUST PASS people climbing the various hills around here.  I honestly don't know what comes over me but it sure is fun.  I really do try to keep it easy. 

And running?  Stay tuned. 

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