Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A New Trail!

Actually, the new Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail is much more than a new trail. It's a new connecting link that is a great new addition to the local trail scene. Right now, it's not that long at 6 miles but it's covering a section on the Eastside which will only see great growth and I believe there are plans for extending it.  What a great addition!  

As it's  a gravel trail, it's not my favorite and my feet were complaining about that gravel towards the end of my long run. I tend towards multiple hot spots now when running on gravel but I was still really happy to get out to explore on such a beautiful day. 

Depending on where you access the trail, you can expect a very steep hill to get to and from the trail. But then you are rewarded with a great view!

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