Sunday, November 30, 2014


Four whole days! Dinner was delicious as it always is. It was great to have family over and chat and catch up.

Recovery is done for the marathon and now i'm focused on trying to finish my first 50k. What was I thinking? It's been difficult to motivate for training in the dark and the cold. And I haven't had a lot of trail runs this cycle. My ankle was quick to let me know about that so i have been battling some mild tendonitis made worse by a trail shoe dilemmas. Nothing I had was working for me and my feet have been unhappy on trails.

I ate well at Thanksgiving knowing i was planning on a last long run out on trails the next day. I'd arranged to run with a couple different friends. first I'd start with one set for a set amount of time. They'd stop and then another friend would join me.  Everything was all set but the weather was some of the worst I've run in before.  it was pouring when we started and during the time we were out running, the temps dropped by a lot. It was a tough three hour run made worse by the sloppy conditions. I got extremely cold once finished too and actually had to pull off the road (into a coffee shop) to warm up as I was not safe to drive.

We got over an inch of rain at home that day (probably more out where the trails are) and then overnight the temps dropped even more and we got snow!  Four whole days of wild weather.  I'd gotten out to the local running store to find another pair of trail shoes to try and went out this morning with RPD (again - round 2 for him too) and try these out. The ankle is sore, my legs were still tired but it was just beautiful out there. No rain! The new shoes will work so that is a relief.

The only goal is to finish the 50k and I'm rather doubtful about that. But i will have fun regardless and I am looking forward to the getaway weekend. 

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