Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Whole New World

We raced the perfect distance to still be able to explore Charleston.  We were only there for 2 full days and most of one other and managed to see a lot.  There turned out to be a lot more to do in the Charleston area than either of us expected and part of that was the great location we were staying in Folly Beach at our friends' house.  Run 1.3 miles and we were on the beach.  So of course, each day after the race, I HAD to do this and it was wonderful.  there were lots of locals walking their dogs and lots of shells to examine.  And this blue crab was on the beach and no, we did not take this shell home.  Every morning we'd wake up to perfect weather and go sit on their outside screened porch with beautiful marsh view to have our coffee.  It was a little bit of perfection each day to start. 

My main draws to Charleston were seeing a plantation, seeing charleston and Fort Sumter.  the plantation we chose was much more spectacular than I expected.  Honestly, it was stunningly beautiful with a well thought out self-guided tour of the grounds with some extra features as in a demo farm (tanning, black smithing, basket weaving etc).  The marsh and the old trees draped in southern moss never ceased to draw exclamations of beauty. The forest was so different looking than what we've seen of forests of washington, California and New Mexico.  However the fact that this was a plantation and ran on slave labor really hit home for us.

We got a chance to walk around Charleston and took a harbor cruise out to Fort Sumter.  Charleston runs on tourism and it shows yet it is a beautiful city with much to offer.  We ran out of time to see some other sites because of limited off-season hours so we hope to be back.  It was great to visit with our hosts who we've not seen in some time. 

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