Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some firsts...

It's been a strange year. Last year at this time I was just coming back to running after taking some time off for shin splints (sound familiar?). And now a year later, I find myself about to come back to running after a stress fracture. However the year has still been memorable but just not how I would've expected it to go.
  • I ran my first track race and cross country races in the Super Jock N Jill Winter Series.
  • I ran Eugene Marathon. I wasn't too pleased with my time but still it was a sub-4 marathon which is nothing to take for granted.
  • Ran a fantastically fun trail run with friends to Wallace Falls and lake.
  • I ran as a team member in the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.
  • Acquired my first stress fracture. :-/
Ok those are all running related. I have a bunch of firsts that are not running related but only would've happened since I am in shape from running and want to maintain some of that hard won fitness.
  • First time biking 50 miles.
  • First time biking over 100 miles in a week.
  • Adventure Ride - biked Seattle to Columbia River via The Iron Horse Trail.
  • resumed bike commuting for the first time in years and biked in the long way three times in one week. I remember commuting three times (the short way) once when I was a regular bike commuter and I was wiped from the effort. This week it was no big deal and I'm planning on doing it again.
  • signed up for my first row class and today actually got in a boat with 7 other people and rowed on Lake Union today. What an experience!
So, I am really looking forward to the test runs that are coming up late next week. Running has opened up a lot of possibilities for me even when I can't run. it is good to remember that.

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