Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sentence continues...

Sigh. Met with the doc this past week and he wants me off of running for another two weeks tomorrow (but who is counting?). This was not unexpected news and there is no reason to rush back to running unless the stress fracture is healed. I've not had any pain for weeks and had gotten hopeful. No pain is really the best news however and doc was amazed that I was already pain free.

Road biking in the dark and bike on the trainer has gotten old real quick so I thought I'd resume commuting in by bike as an easy way to get in miles. I last did this regularly in 2002/2003 so it has been awhile as I've only commuted in very occasionally since. I use my trusty mountain bike with commuter tires, upright bars, a rack and panniers to ride in. Now that I'm used to going longer distances, I add onto my commute by doing a longer ride in which is fun because I can do different routes.

What have I noticed bike commuting to work this week?

Hauling the heavier bike with panniers is a good workout. It's certainly building strength and makes going back to the zippy road bike with skinny tires ever so much fun.

There are so many bicycle commuters now! Ok, this week has been gorgeous and dry for the most part but there must be 100% more cyclists out there than I used to see when I commuted if not more. Hoards of cyclists on all kinds of bikes (too many fixies though..) on all routes. I am amazed! I took a longer way home and was on the Burke-Gilman for a couple of miles around GasWorks Park and it was like being on a biking freeway which isn't really a good thing.

Kudos to Seattle for the sharrows and new attention to bike markings on the roads. Practically every street I ride on has had some changes to it with bike markings. I used to commute up 11th street but now Stone Way is better. It is nice to have some choices.

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