Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A super summer Seattle run

Summer running in Seattle - Green Lake am rowers
There is always a bit of a let down after Ragnar, the overnight running relay.  I'm back to work and it all feels rather mundane. What do you mean I don't have to manage 11 other people, two vans and running getting from point A to Point B?

Sure a big part of this is that i feel totally brain dead for a couple days post-relay. Running-wise, my legs don't feel too badly.  I'm a bit stiff and sore and can tell i have raced. I'm pretty hungry for a couple days post-relay and really prefer high fat and more protein. I have no problem eating a lot of high quality ice cream, eggs for breakfast and yes i will have a flank steak for dinner. Thanks!  I'm eating every couple hours and that is pretty typical.  The bigger issue is that I just feel a bit foggy for a few days and thinking nimbly doesn't quite work.  My brain feels a bit sluggish recovering from lack of sleep, effort etc.

I typically bike easily the next day and then take the following day completely off.  The first run a couple days later is typically slow and i'm pretty stiff.  The next run following always feels much better.  Recovery happened to coincide with gorgeous summer weather here in Seattle.

I ran just a typical local course the following weekend and just was happy to be a runner here in Seattle in the summer.

Things to see:

Paddleboarders out on Lake Union.  I even saw a friend who teaches yoga on a stand up paddle board.  Awesome!
Various running friends also out for their runs.  It's a friendly community.
Hills!  yes, Seattle has them and that is ok.
Dragonboat races! This is a chinese holiday also celebrated in many other countries and the date can vary from year to year.  Here in Seattle it tends to happen around SeaFair events and it was fun seeing and hearing the event on Lake Union as I ran around the new Lake Union Park
My run ended by running up what is called Soap Box Hill in the Lower Woodland Park by Green Lake.  And amazingly, there were Soap Box races going on!  I have never seen this and thought it was just great to see the kids pulling their soap box creations up the hill. 

Summer in Seattle typically means perfect temperatures from mid-70s to low 80s and low humidity. We have long summer days and water every where.  It's been a great summer and great for running.

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