Thursday, May 16, 2013


Devil's Elbow Beach - Heceta Lighthouse
90 - the high temperature of Eugene one week after the marathon.
5 - official marathons completed (6 total - 1 is unofficial)
4 - scoops of carbo-pro consumed on course. i like this stuff.  No taste and you can customize it to how much water you want.
3 - gels consumed on course. I had one gel in desperation to see if it would help legs (nope) but it probably helped keep brain in the game.
2 - electrolyte capsules
1 - master's PR. Hey, i think this counts and it is a 30+ minute PR which is excellent.

Yeah, i'm feeling much better. Recovery was great! I had no desire to run for a few days which worked out because we were on vacation on the Oregon Coast.  And it was gorgeous.  i could spend all day exploring tidal pools and beaches and we did.

We were just staying a quick drive from Cape Perpetua. This is part of a national forest which was by far my favorite place and even though it is a fairly small area with Highway 101 going through it, there was a lot to see.  We took in the view from the top trail which a marvelous view of the pacific and the cliffs along the coast for miles. The waves pound into a small area called The Devil's Churn which was quite spectacular.  Never turn your back on the Ocean!  We came back the next day to explore some other trails and go out onto the tidal pools. 

It was the perfect mix of vacation. Fun run event with friends and then a kick back relax and explore vacation.  Even better, then we came home and I had a stay-cation for a couple days.  The garden is in much better shape now and it is nice to catch up a bit with things. Marathon training DOES get grueling towards the end. 

Snap peas, lettuce, spinach, russian kale, zuchini, and cucumber all planted.  I broke down and bought a tomato plant too so we'll see if that one does anything.  We have volunteer arugula, chard and dinosaur kale coming up in the yard so those have gotten moved about.  The first rhubarb of the season was harvested and we had a delicious rhubarb strawberry dessert and invited the neighbors over to share.  It's been good!

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