Friday, March 22, 2013

Joshua Tree

It was a very quick trip to Palm Springs. we had just two full days and I wanted to make sure we got out to see Joshua Tree National Park which was just about an hour's drive from Palm Springs. We'd woken to pleasant temperatures but it was very windy. However once we were about ready to go running, the wind magically died down.  Perfect! another pleasant run in summer (for us!) temps made me very happy.

Then off to Joshua Tree. To drive there, we went right through the area of wind farming in the Coachella Valley. This was really an impressive site and contains more than 4000 windmills of various sizes. Some are huge! If we ever get back there, i'd love to do one of the tours that they offer for the area.  Joshua Tree area is tucked up onto a high valley just northeast of Palm Springs. altitude! and it was definitely cooler and still rather windy in the area.

Bizarre!  Really that's the only way to describe Joshua Tree. Go.See.It. We just did some easy hikes and marveled about the whole strange alien landscape.

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