Monday, May 28, 2012


Gullfoss Waterfalls

It's not a place I ever thought I'd see.  We got a great price on plane tickets and added in a two night stay over.  Bonus Vacation!

the language?  It's impossible.  No worries.  Everyone speaks English (and Danish and German at least) much better than I do.

the terrain?  No trees.  Lava rocks with a thick layer of moss.  It's eerie looking. 

Expensive?  The food is for certain.  And no they don't import a lot of food.  Power (geothermal) is cheap, cheap, cheap and they grow a lot in greenhouses. 

Reykjavik with cathedral.
Reykjavik? Adorably cute with just about 200,000 living in the largest city by far. Tons of biking/walking paths and beautiful snow covered mountains all around. 

What to do?  Apparently if you live there, you drink heavily on the weekends.  I'm guessing there isn't a lot to do.  And during the summer you have a crazy amount of daylight to do this.  during the winter?  well that's a different story.  

How did Iceland become a nation? Vikings! We had one day to roam about Reykjavik and stopped in the National Museum of Iceland

Should I rent a car? We kept hearing scary things about driving in Iceland.  There are tons of tours available.  We did the usual Golden Circle (not golden, nor a circle) tourist route with a smaller tour company. It was great with some interesting history, social details and of course, stunning scenery.  And we saw Icelandic Horses.

Are we going back?  Absolutely! 

Did I run?  Of course!  Easy running in Reykjavik with all those bike paths. 

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Sub said...

Gulfoss is amazing isn't it! I loved Iceland and that was in winter. I can only imagine how nice it must be in summer!!