Sunday, April 15, 2012


We call the above, The Absurd.   Do you like how the tips of his fangs stick out?  And yes, you can actually go and pet that belly.  Keswick the Absurd will start purring and probably then drool on you.  

Gardening is going full tilt here in weed central.  But we've pulled out the first harvest of rhubarb and tried a galette.  Easy peasy and it looks and smells delicious.  Something is eating the newly planted peas but the raspberries and blueberries are going gangbuster! And finally, I am putting something into the ground in the backyard.  It's the first time i've planted anything back there since we moved into the house in 1997.  It's been a staging area since forever for various house projects and those are done and the area is cleaned out and I've been trying to keep it cleared.  

I found a new pair of running shoes to try.  I've been running in Nike Pegasus since 2008 when i switched from a stability shoe to a neutral shoe.  I'm always on the lookout for another shoe to switch between and really haven't been happy.  the Asics Gel Excel 33 is what I'm looking for in an alternate shoe.  Still a cushioned neutral trainer but with a lower heel to toe drop than my trusty pegasus.  Minimalist shoes aren't for me (hello huge arch and I already land on my forefoot...) but I'd like to drop the heel height a bit.  We shall see.  As an added bonus the Asics Excel runs narrower which is good because I finally gave up and got a pair of the Pegasus in a narrow width.  

And that running thing?  I'm two weeks out from the trail half marathon and excited.  11 miles and 2:15 on trails (mostly all uphill) and then a speedy hilly 6 miles feeling great? Well, i think I'm ready.  And as an added bonus, we had a workout this weekend which was new for me.  

I realized after the Lord Hill 10 miler that I needed some work on running hard on trails.  I used to do that and then got out of the habit for various reasons.  I love track and running tempo miles on the roads but running hard on trails is it's own challenge. The steep ups makes your legs burn and then you have to be able to navigate the downs on those rubbery legs.  We did mile repeats on a cross country loop within Woodland Park.  These weren't true technical trails but the hills would keep you honest.  

Having done mile repeats on the track a couple weeks ago at 7:30, I figured I should be able to hit about 20 seconds over that on the hills.  I went out and pushed it and didn't look at my watch for pace.  And?  7:45 & 7:53 for two with a 5 minute break between.  Amazing!  Honestly I do believe that this is the first time I've had what my idea of what I should be able to hit for pace on a hilly run match what I actually hit.  This is huge!  and the difference?  My glutes were burning that second mile and I realized that I really have to remind myself to run with those glutes engaged and doing what they are supposed to be doing. 

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