Friday, September 2, 2011

Beach Interlude

That week of easy segued into a San Diego beach interlude.  I highly recommend this to all!  Oh yes, I did go to San Diego having run 10 miles Thursday morning, 9.6 miles Friday evening and 12 miles Saturday morning before hopping on an airplane.

It was a weekend full of sun and warmth and friends.  Actually i'd call them family by this time since I've known these friends now 30 years.  The big draw of the weekend is visiting two little boys who are growing bigger by the minute.

I did get a great run in with a couple of miles at tempo pace on monday.  I was shocked that my legs felt great and of course i loved the running venue.  One mile away is Florida Canyon and Morley Field.  Florida Canyon is just a simple canyon intersected by a road in Balboa Park.  As I trotted along (7:40-7:50 pace yes!) I breathed in lovely scented eucalyptus and coastal sage scrub.  Ahhh, that was wonderful.

Even better, we had a beach day at La Jolla.  White sands and little waves in that water temp which feels cold at first but then just right.  I alternated between building a Sand Castle Complex with adjacent lake and teaching a gaggle of kids about jumping just when the wave hits and watching for those "sneak" waves.  You know, the one that comes right behind another wave when you aren't expecting it.  I did also get a chance to get completely in the water and try and catch a wave body surfing.  It's been a long time.  The waves were poor and I am out of practice and that was just fine.

Next up...did I really just sign up for a trail marathon as a way to get in a long run before the upcoming 50k?  Yes, yes I did.  and I signed up for this trail marathon practically the day before the event.  That's a new one! 

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