Sunday, July 10, 2011

I live in an amazing place.

PuddleThumper with Downtown Seattle in background.

And the great thing about it is that there are still many more amazing places which are local to me to discover.  We've been in Seattle since 1996 and I can say I've been on Bainbridge Island (just a 30 minute ferry ride away from Downtown Seattle blocks from where I work) maybe a handful of times.

Last year I had an enjoyable trail run with a client and friend of my coach and she told me all about the trails that she runs on daily while on Bainbridge Island in the summer.  Finally a year and some later, we were able to work out a time to make this trail run happen.

I took the day off from work and Coach Lesley (CL) and I hopped an early ferry to Bainbridge Island.  TC picked us up at the other side and took us to Gazzam Lake trail head.  Easy peasy.  I had no idea what to expect but was prepared for 10-12 miles over a mix of hiking trails, single track and road. I carried my running pack with salt tabs, my energy bars and my camera, of course.  The smile on my face was permanently in place as well. 

And we were off.  Now CL has said that TC is very hard to get back over to Seattle for group runs or rides or events and having run her trails, I can see why.  It is trail bliss over there.  Gazzam Lake trails were nice wide hiking trails.  We made our way onto Peters Trail (please turn off your cell phones said the sign) and popped out onto a road around Lynwood.  TC knew the bathrooms were open here and so we took a break while TC chatted with someone she knows.

We made it down to Fort Ward State park trails and then back north towards Blakely Harbor Park.  And I so understand why TC is such a great runner.  she has been running on these trails for half of her life and each trail had a story about who owned it or some funny story which had happened.  We ran on knee high grassy access roads and the stinging nettles had their way with us and I just marveled that TC never had to think about where to turn or where to go.  She just knew. 

The best part came with teh single track trail with huge trees back towards a point where TC lives.  She was busy pointing out the huge trees while CL and I complained that we were too busy staring fixedly at the trail ahead of us to even look.  It was great running!  We came out to an open field with great views of the Puget Sound and continued onto a stunning viewpoint towards Seattle.  Then on to the horse barn and meeting TC's horses.  12 miles.  Done.  A quick lunch on the deck with dogs and dog-like cat and we were headed back to to the ferry for a ride home.

It was a mini running vacation and I am still thinking about it days later.  yes, there will be another one!  Thanks CL and TC for making this happen.

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