Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marathon Recovery

It sure was different this time. 

After Eugene in 2008, I ended up in the doctor's office getting a nebulizer treatment because I could not breathe.  I went on a course of steroids to help the lungs and realized I had never been able to fully breathe in forever and some (approximately).  This time, I still really noticed my lungs for a few days but the daily inhaler I am on plus the rescue inhaler worked.  After a few days, I stopped noticing. 

My legs were sore for a few days but nothing too bad.  And since I hadn't had any serious injury-type issues (unlike at the Seattle Marathon) and hadn't been on my feet an hour longer than expected, I felt pretty good.  I did make sure to keep running miles minimal for a couple weeks.  Pounding is pounding and I'm not exactly used to running 26 miles. 

And I was smack dab in the middle of Bike to Work month!  I'd signed up for the team at work.  With 2000 miles as the team's goal and work matching that amount in donation to the local food bank, I really wanted to get in consistent riding.  We made our 2000 mile goal and I road 100 miles in the month biking to work (actually rode a bit more since I've been doing some longer weekend rides).  Considering I ran a marathon in there, I am happy.

What's next?  Hopefully the dreadfully cold spring has moved past and we can get some better weather.  I see more biking and trail running and I'm co-captaining a RAGNAR Northwest Passage Team.  Awesome.  Bring on summer! 

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