Friday, October 2, 2009


Sunny afternoon on Harvard Bridge

After a very successful Reach the Beach, K and I headed to Boston. We'd both wanted to go for many years. It started off well enough when we easily found our guest house on Beacon Street in Back Bay.

We unloaded luggage and checked in and were ready to return the rental car to Logan Airport. We asked the front desk clerk how to get to the airport and were told turn ____ at the second set of lights and follow ____, it'll get you there. Neither one of us could remember which way we were supposed to turn and heard completely different street names because of that Baaaaahston accent. After much circling, a gas stop right by Fenway, a quick trip back towards New Hampshire we eventually found the airport.

Note: Do NOT rent from Thrifty and return a car to Logan Airport. In reality, the rental car return is not at Logan but they do a poor job (ok no hint) of telling you this. We were rather tired after all these shenanigans but I was happy to make it to the subway station for a ride on the "T" back to our guest house.

Seriously, I love subways. So much fun riding on them and Boston's T is no exception. You can see the neglect at work and the obvious challenge with keeping up with maintenance but it is a great system and we used it every day to get around the city easily.

We were back to our guest house in time to get out for a walk around the neighborhood, along the Charles River and Newbury Street. it was so much fun to be in a city where everyone is walking around their neighborhood.

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