Saturday, September 12, 2009


No, not for me!

I first started running because of a combination of factors. In fact, my first running event was as a walker at a 5k in 2001. I did the walk and saw women of all sizes, shapes and ages running the event and realized that I could run a 5k too. Less than a year later, I ran my first 5k in June of 2002 and the rest is history.

I had planned to go for a PR in the IronGirl Seattle 5k but realized it was going to be too close to the looming Reach the Beach Relay. What to do?

I could do what I did last year when I was coming back from injury and pace someone to a PR. That is always fun and challenging. Then I found out that my mom had gone on a field trip with her new living quarters and walked the loop at the Redmond Watershed Preserve. That's five miles long and pretty hilly! Well, alright, I can just walk a 5k with my mom and she was all for it.

The day started off bright and sunny with a promise of heat. That was perfect actually. No rain and no cold. With 1500 people scheduled to be in this event, I knew we'd have to get over to Green Lake early to get a parking spot and didn't want to get chilled waiting to start.

I put a timing chip on my mom shoes, handed over her bib and we went walking over towards the start along with other AR folks. She was amazed to see so many people! I explained that we would be starting towards the back adn it was going to be crowded the first half mile. Be careful! The race started a bit late and we were off. Wow it was really crowded! Of course, I've not walked an event like this in years so it was rather strange setting off from the back. I was worried my mom would get tripped but she held her line at her quick walking pace.

Sure enough after about a half mile, the crowds thinned. A few folks I know waved as they ran past and that was neat to see. LB came upon us as we were walking. she'd recently been diagnosed with a foot injury which precluded running. It was great to have more company and the miles went quick!

The last half mile was in sun and I could tell mom was getting a bit warm but she certainly never let up on the pace. We came towards the finish line onto a narrow path with 10k runners zipping past us and mom had to ask what all the people were doing? They were cheering all the runners in! She laughed at that.

As we came in towards the finish, I'd hope they'd say her age and name as they had done with some of the older finishers. they missed her though. Mom was relieved! She got her medal and a bottle of water and we went off to meet Coach Lesley and crew.

She had a good time and it was neat having her see a part of my life which has become very meaningful to me. We went off to pick up K and get some breakfast. She wasn't tired at all and wanted to go off to the mall and then walk home!

Checking results, she came in first in her division. I hope they mail a ribbon!

Congrats Mom!

As she said before we started, it was nice to see so many women out there being active. She thought it important to keep active and she is so right.


rpd said...

Amen! :-)

Congratulate your mom for me. Wonderful outing. :-)


Slomohusky said...

Great! Sounds like your Mom and fun as well. That's what is important.