Saturday, July 4, 2009


It must be summer since I've been trail running. I can't quite remember a spring and summer with so little rain and so much sunshine.

I have no doubt we will pay for that later this year.

Up in the alpine wilderness along the I-90 corridor, there was still chunks of snow pack left over from our record snow. Remember that? Spring just seemed to be hitting up in the higher elevations and the whole area was awash in colorful flowers.

amazing trail run this morning starting at the Pratt Lake Trail Head and continuing up towards Pratt Mountain. Pass some alpine lakes and come out to stunning views of Mount Rainier from the Ira Spring Trail.

With temps in the 80's, I was expecting a scorcher but it was still pleasant in the am hours. I made sure to bring plenty of water, just in case. I'd stop by some of the streams to dunk my hands in the cool mountain water and I picked up chunks of snow to carry and let melt to help cool myself off.
After Mason Lake, one last climb and the most stunning surprise. Mount Rainier just hanging out over the smaller peaks around Snoqualmie Pass.

It's been a rough half year in some ways and it's nice to get out and celebrate the ability to do such amazing things. Happy July 4th!

After trail running, I highly recommend a bowl of homemade cantaloupe sorbet with fresh raspberries picked at the Beacon Hill House raspberry patch. We got a bushel of raspberries yesterday. I can't keep my hand out of them!

Happy summer!

Cantaloupe Sorbet: one medium cantaloupe, 1/2 c sugar, juice of one lemon. Process to fine liquid consistency, chill and use in ice cream maker as directed.

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Slomohusky said...

Everything looks and reads great. Things I miss living in Vegas. There is not a more beautiful place on earth than the Puget Sound area on a sunny day. Happy 4th Trail Toe Runner and thanks for sharing.