Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools Spring!

April 1st 2009, 5:30 am.

It is snowing. The temps for the day barely crawl into the 40's. Every run lately has been done in cold rain and it's pissing me off!

Seattlites are so done with winter.

Wait. Don't get your hopes up. Don't look at that forecast. The weekend is supposed to dry and warm. Saturday dawns clear although still frozen and a perfect morning for a long run. Photo courtesy of RPD - Dawn from Salty's @ Alki. Where am I? Sick with the yearly Busy Season plague which has swept through work. It's stunningly gorgeous the rest of the day and I'm riding the couch. April Fools!

Sunday? It's not freezing in the morning. It is still clear and temps climb to almost 70 degrees. I'm not running. I'm not biking. I'm bitter about it. I don't feel well enough to do those activities.

However, we did get out into the garden for some ongoing clean up. I wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt and got hot in the sun. We chatted with all the neighbors and were chased around by one angry bee. Just one. The beekeeper neighbors were not sure had gotten in it's bonnet.

We've lost a lot of plants in this past (harsh for us) winter.
  • Mexican orange - spectacular sprawling death.
  • The big rosemary - fortunately we have another one for roasted potato seasoning. Seriously this rosemary was going to take over the world so it might be a good thing it has died.
  • Cistus - not sure about this one yet. It may still rebound but it is not a long lived shrub anyway.
  • Hebe - a big purple edged one by the rock had survived being rolled on by Max the neighbor cat some years ago but did not like this winter at all!
In an act of daring, I've left the faucet cover off. What are the chances of another hard frost?

Stop fooling with us Nature!

The forsythia in full glory:

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