Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to the trails...

Ok, so it's not Hawaii. It's not San Diego (coming soon). It's the view from Anti-Aircraft Peak on Cougar Mountain looking north.

It is a nice day in the Pacific Northwest and I went running on trails. What a contrast to the track race from last week. Focused speediness is fun but trotting through the woods is better! There was still some snow on the ground but not on the trails. The trails themselves have had some work/repair done on them which was nice to see. Some places were muddy and slippery but just enough to make it a lot of fun.

Foot is feeling better especially since I've realized that the foot problem I developed was inevitable. I had forgotten that I had my old custom orthotics tweaked to take into account the forefoot problem. Duh. Over the counter orthotics will work for me now but I still need the same tweak for running, walking and biking. I'll remember now!


rpd said...

"Yay!" On so many levels!

Isn't trail marking fun?

PuddleThumper said...

I'd rather leave the work of trail marking to someone else but it is fun sometimes. I'm pleased I know the trails well enough to mark the way!

Yay! I agree! :-)