Friday, December 19, 2008

I do sit sometimes.

I've realized that overall I'm one of those people who are active. When I worked with kids, we called those kids "busy." Movement was constant. I do sit sometimes, really. But I like to stay busy when I'm sitting. And what lately have I been doing when I sit?

I knit.

Sj started the Injured Runners' Knitting Club. Sj just had meniscus repair surgery recently on her knee. She agrees with me that me of the worst parts of a running injury is not seeing your running friends. So, knitting is a great way to meet up when you aren't running.

I learned to knit back when I was in college. I've discovered it is rather like bicycle riding. you don't really forget although you may need your memory jogged (ha!) just a bit. I had started a scarf oh back in 2006 probably and just finished that. I wanted a scarf to go with my cool pea green jacket (given to me by friend JHL). I thought my mom might like a fancier scarf to wear to the opera.

That's the thing about knitting. It tends to multiply. I'd like to try knitting a hat. Heck, I'd like a fancier scarf to wear to the opera too. Knitting is soothing. There is the pleasant tactile sense of the yarn going through your fingers and the of the sound of the knitting needles against one another. Visiting yarn stores is also a friendly (and dangerously expensive) experience. Everybody always seems so cheerful. They are creating after all.

Before I was knitting when i lived in Southern California and it was hard to justify wool when it was 70 degrees out. Now, when it's below freezing wool is just fine. I'm happy to be a knitter again.

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Enniferjay said...

Nice scarf. I want to see Hogwarts! That's a big part of why I stopped knitting--it doesn't get cold enough to justify it. It doesn't even feel good to hold wool here. So, you're one of the buys kids, eh?