Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm not one of you!

The running angst continues of course. I had started back to running but after a nice 4 mile run one morning almost three weeks ago, I ended the day at work limping around. Limping at work is not an option. I took two weeks off and scheduled a doctor's appointment bowing to the inevitable. Sigh.

I got horrendously sick last weekend but could not resist going out for that test run on Tuesday. Two wee little miles was all. A safe and short amount and about all my lungs could take to tell you the truth. the doc appointment was the next day. I fully expected to be sent off for further testing to rule out a stress fracture but after much poking and prodding, it seems that I have resistant shin splints. yeah. No kidding. I've been well aware of them for what seems like forever now.

After discussing options, I decided on a cortisone shot in the tendon to help heel the irritable thing and go from there. I'll probably need another one in a few weeks. Doc suggests that surface hardness could also be an issue here. I'm on my feet a lot during the day and really notice how tired my feet get as the day progresses. My company moved buildings almost two years ago and just 5 months after that move, I first report shin splints in my running log. I can't change jobs just because it is interfering with my running (!) so we'll have to see about that one.

Meanwhile, I'm cleared to run a few miles every other day and I'm biking to maintain fitness. I went out for a long bike ride on Saturday not in the best mood. It was a gorgeous day for a ride but an even better day for a run. Biking is fun but it takes so dang long to get a good workout. I don't always have time to go driving somewhere to have a more enjoyable ride either. So I did my usual loop where I climb the bluffs up Magnolia. I geared it poorly and totally had to mash the pedals to get up the hill by Discovery Park. That set off some mild lung hacking up but it settled down as did I while I enjoyed the views off of the Magnolia bluff. Mount Rainier had just put on her pink bathrobe for the sunrise.

Then where to go? The hacking lungs should've been a clue to scale back the ride a bit but I really wanted a longer effort this weekend. So I cut through the south part of downtown to get over to the Mount Baker Pedestrian Tunnel and do my favorite South Lake Washington Loop.

Going through Downtown got me all riled however. Poorly signed across dangerous asphalt and busy roads. (I must get to that spot and take a picture of the craziness!) Why the heck is there a sharrow on Jackson St? Yikes. This was fine to ride early on a Saturday morning but during rush hour traffic there is no way I'd do that route.

I made it across the bone jarring Mercer Slough trail to my favorite part of the South Lake Washington Loop just south of Newcastle Beach Park on Lake Washington Blvd SE. I enjoyed myself here even though some sections of the trail are so rooty/speed bumpy as to be dangerous. The road part is smooth and fast. There are always a lot of people out walking and running as you get closer to Gene Coulon Park and I like to see people out and about. Went by Boeing and nodded at the strikers/picketers and marveled that maybe all that construction in that area may mostly be finished at least along the road I typically travel on my bike.

Turned north then on the west side of the lake and I started to see groups of like-kitted bicyclists out for their group rides. And I couldn't help it. I just started to get riled again. They would all nod and smile at me the way bicylists will do with each other. Usually that makes me smile as I like the comraderie of bicyclists and the shared acknowledgement of being out there doing something you enjoy.

This time? Everytime I saw another cyclists I just wanted to shout "I'm not one of you! I'm a runner."

Silly. I know. As just a runner, I couldn't have done this just over 50 mile bike ride. I've had to work to develop my biking skills and endurance and I'm really pleased with how that has gone this summer. But summer is waning and the outside bike riding days are numbered for me. It's time to be a runner again. I hope.


Enniferjay said...

Hmm, sounds painful in a number of ways. Would some of those anti fatigue cushy floor mats help at all at work? I know some people who swear by them in their kitchen just in front of the sink. Just reading about your exercise makes me a little fatigued and a little envious.

PuddleThumper said...

The anti-fatigue mats do work and we use them in areas where we are standing. The problem is just all the walking around I do. Just remembering our days of 3 adults to two kids, makes me a little tired and envious of you too. :-) I've taken some years to build up to the amount of exercise I handle. I think you've built up your endurance too!